Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Frolic

This weekend was my first showing at Fall Frolic Autumn Festival in Milford, PA.  I sold a few pieces but even more fun than that, several shop owners want to put my photography up for consignment.  A friend also told me to that I should ask places like the Hava Java to put them up.  They like to showcase local art.  Best of all, just about everyone who looked at the portfolio said I had an incredible eye.  That made me feel good.  Like perhaps they see what I saw and saw that it was worthy of capturing.

One gentleman said he had never seen children used in this form of photography and thought the way my kids were depicted were stunning (another YAY!).  He said few people like to equate the beauty of young life with the ugliness of death however my photographs show the beauty of both together.  Much coolness.

While I might not have "sold out" of invetory, I think I made a good first impression and was able to start making some contacts.  I feel good.  Now I just have to drive back up Raymonskill Road and hit those hill side Revolutionary graveyards.

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